Thai Soap Rectangular

We travel to remote locations annually in the far east and see how local villages sustain themselves. Most earn their living through art and we do what we can to encourage self-sustainability by bringing their art to the modern world. It is mesmerizing watching folks in remote Thai villages make these pieces of art. The entire family gets involved, all the way from great-grandmothers to little children - the older, patient and wiser ones carve with skill, love and patience and the younger ones finish off the masterpiece with paint and wrap in their containers - all day long while singing and laughing!! So much good karma is in these pieces.
The talent of Thai artisans' is so apparent here and as soap makers ourselves we recognize and appreciate the skill, effort and love that has been put into creating this masterpiece from nothing but a plain old bar of soap! We want to bring this to you so you can also enjoy the craftsmanship and positive energy that's gone into creating these soaps.

Simply stunning!

The colours are vibrant and the product comes in a transparent oval case.

Keep it for yourself to give colour to your environment, or give it as a gorgeous, loving and a thoughtful gift that will be cherished forever.

Size: 4"x3".